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Defining Disaster. Disciplines and Domains

This timely book unpacks the idea of ‘disaster’ from a variety of approaches, broadening understanding and improving the usability of this complex and often contested concept. Including multidisciplinary perspectives from leading and emerging scholars, it offers reflections on how the concept of disaster has been shaped by and within various fields of research, providing complementary and thought-provoking comparisons across many domains.

Co-edited with Marie Aronsson-Storrier
English: Edward Elgar Publishing 2021


Frederik i flåden. Kronprins, konge og søofficer
[Frederick in the Fleet: Crown prince, kong and naval officer]

A pictorial biography of King Frederick IX of Denmark (1899-1972) focusing on his relations with the Royal Danish Navy. Trained as a naval officer, he graduated in 1921 after traveling to Russia, Greenland and the Mediterranean on naval ships and the Danish royal yacht. He later took his own commands, and after ascending to the throne in 1947 Frederick stayed close with his old comrades from the navy. As king he never lost his love to the sea and the navy, and his hearse was pulled by a contingent of navy sailers through Copenhagen after his death in 1972. The book is based on an interview with Her Majesty Queen Margaret II of Denmark and contains many pictures from the royal family’s private collections.

Co-authored with Søren Nørby and Jakob Seerup. 200 pages.
Danish: Gads Forlag 2021

Admiral Garde. Karrieren, katastrofen og konsekvensen
[Admiral Garde. Career, catastrophe and consequences]

A biography of admiral Hans Jørgen Garde (1939-1996), who became chief of the Danish defence on April 1 1996 and lost his life together with his wife and seven other people on a military plane in a tragic accident in the Faroe Islands just four months later. This peer-reviewed research book tells the story of Garde’s career, depicts the disaster in great detail and analyses the consequences of the admiral’s untimely death.

Co-author with Søren Nørby. 384 pages.
Danish: University of Southern Denmark Press 2021


Det vidste du heller ikke om Danmark
[You didn’t know THAT about Denmark either]

Our follow-up to You didn’t know THAT about Denmark from 2013/2017 with countless more useful, surprising and entertaining little-known facts about the Danes and Danish history. In this book you’ll learn that Maersk’s ships haven’t always been light blue, how the meat grinder revolutionized Danish quisine and that the Vikings crafted a clever little instrument to clean their ears. Filled with beautiful watercolour illustrations by Mai-Britt Schultz!

Co-author (with Mai-Britt Schultz). 240 pages.
Danish: Gyldendal 2020

Præsidenter – fra Washington til Trump
[Presidents – from Washington to Trump]

Huge collective work containing biographies of all 44 U.S. presidents including Donald Trump. If you don’t know why there is a discrepancy between those two numbers this book is just perfect for you… The large-format book includes many colourful illustrations (photographs, maps and paintings), a thorough introduction to the presidency and congressional system and 50 short thematic texts explaining important concepts and events in U.S. political history.

Editor (with Philip Chr. Ulrich). 720 pages.
Danish: Lindhardt & Ringhof 2020


Mellem kyst og krig: Søværnets civile og nationale opgaver
[Between the Coast and the War: Civilian and National Duties of the Royal Danish Navy]

Research-based peer-reviewed book about the Royal Danish Navy as coast guard. Contains chapters on maritime domain awareness, fishery inspection and control, maritime pollution prevention and search and rescue. Secondary duties such as customs and revenues, lighthouse service, policing and politing are also covered in great detail in this large-volume book with hundreds of images, including many not previously published.

Author. 304 pages.
Danish: Gads Forlag 2019

Thors hammer: En sag for Pandoracellen
[Thor’s Hammer: A Case for the Pandora Cell]

Third instalment in the Pandora Cell series takes us to Iceland, where the volcano Katla looms in the distance as Jonas Kvist and the rest of the group engages in an emergence management exercise with the local authorities. A cyber attack renders Iceland’s civil defences useless at the worst possible moment, just as the island is hit by the worst natural disaster in a century. With his hands already full with personal issues, Jonas must take on the wrath of the Gods to save his family as well as the day.

Author. 340 pages.
Danish: Turbine Forlag 2019


Dødens droner: En sag for Pandoracellen
[Deadly Drones: A Case for the Pandora Cell]

The second thriller novel in the Pandora Cell series. Based on the scenario for the 2017 Danish national crisis management exercise, this novel explores the impact and consequences of two major terrorist attacks in Denmark. Jonas Kvist from the Danish Emergency Management Agency must once again activate the Pandora Cell and help the authorities, because everything may not be as they seem. Who is the real enemy? And how can an open, democratic society defend itself from the deadly eyes in the sky?

Author. 350 pages.
Danish: Turbine Forlag 2018


[The Pandora Cell]

Thriller novel based on the scenario written by the author for the 2015 Danish national crisis management exercise. A nuclear powered Russian vessel collides in Danish waters with another ship and is heavily damaged. The captain sets his ship aground close to shore – and now the authorities must deal with a burning nuclear power plant close to a Danish city. Jonas Kvist from the Danish Emergency Management Agency must active the Pandora Cell, an unproven new concept for crisis management, to save the day against all odds.

Author. 337 pages.
Danish: Turbine Forlag 2017
Movie rights: Zentropa Film (in development)

Det vidste du ikke om Danmark, 2. udg.
[You didn’t know THAT about Denmark, 2nd Ed.]

Essays about interesting and surprising topics from Danish history. Did you know how Antabus was invented? Or how the optical telegraph system worked? Meet fascinating characters and learn interesting stuff about things you didn’t know you wanted to know more about. Two new chapters about poultry and everything with the color red in Danish history!

Co-author (with Mai-Britt Schultz). 263 pages.
Danish: Gyldendal 2017


[Storm surge]

Third volume of the Lisbeth Storm-trilogy in which our heroeine returns to Denmark and settles in the lowlands on Falster – only to be caught once again by a devastating natural disaster when the water level in the Baltic rises towards to top of the dikes.

Author. 293 pages.
Danish: Lindhardt og Ringhof 2016


Disaster Research: Multidisciplinary and international perspectives

Edited volume presenting fourteen state-of-the-art disciplinary approaches to the understanding of disasters. The theoretical discussions as well as the diverse range of disaster cases should be of interest to both postgraduate and undergraduate students, as well as academics, researchers and policymakers.

Co-edited with Olivier Rubin and Morten Thanning Vendelø.
256 pages.
English: Routledge 2015


Brandmand. Indsatschefens personlige beretning
[Fire fighter: The Incident Commander’s Personal Story]

Biography of a senior Danish fire fighter who saved the historical collections when the Danish Resistance Movement’s Museum burned down in 2013. Jan Sørensen was an integral part of the Copenhagen Fire Brigade from 1976 to his death in 2013. Based on interviews with Jan Sørensen and nearly 40 of his colleagues, family and friends, this book tells the story of his life and career.

Author. 286 pages.
Danish: Lindhardt og Ringhof 2014

Danske katastrofer. Atombomben i Valby og andre dramatiske hændelser
[Danish Disasters. The atomic bomb in Valby and other dramatic events]

30 chapters covering the years 1897 to 2001 with dramatic tales of train disasters, shipwrecs, airplane crashes and natural disasters from Danish history. Read about the fatal bombing of a school in 1945, the sinking of the Hans Hedtoft and the SAS crash in Linate, Milan, 2001. Based on official reports, eyewitness accounts and news paper clippings.

Author. 326 pages.
Danish: Gyldendal 2014



Second volume of a disaster novel trilogy re-enacting historical natural hazards in modern society. Lisbeth Storm leaves Denmark after the solar storm that devasted society, but finds herself caught in another disaster when an earthquake as severe as the one in 1906 hits San Francisisco.

Author. 269 pages.
Danish: Lindhardt og Ringhof 2013

Det vidste du ikke om Danmark
[You didn’t know THAT about Denmark]

Essays about interesting and surprising topics from Danish history. Did you know how Antabus was invented? Or how the optical telegraph system worked? Meet fascinating characters and learn interesting stuff about things you didn’t know you wanted to know more about.

Co-author (with Mai-Britt Schultz). 230 pages.
Danish: Gyldendal 2013


[Solar Storm]

First volume of a disaster novel trilogy re-enacting historical natural hazards in modern society. In this volume Europe is hit by a solar storm equal in strength to the 1859 Carrington-event. Lisbeth Storm, an experienced but traumatized disaster manager, returns to Copenhagen just days before catastrophe strikes.

Author. 284 pages.
Danish: Lindhardt og Ringhof 2012
TV-series: Nimbus Film (in development)

100 års katastrofer. Når menneske og maskine går fejl af hinanden
[A Century of Disaster: When Man and Machine go against each other]

11 major technological disasters of the 20th century including the sinking of the Titanic, the Baikonur Cosmodrome explosion, and the fireworks accident in Seest in Denmark. Heavily revised re-issue of Den Menneskelige Faktor from 2004.

Danish: Lindhardt og Ringhof 2012
Swedish: Historiska Media 2013

Liv eller død
[Life or death]

Crime thriller about the cool and independent Copenhagen emergency doctor Jo Beckmann, who suddenly faces the crisis of a lifetime when her best friend is murdered and something grows in her breast.

Co-author, with Maria Helleberg
Danish: Untercover 2011

Fjendtligt farvand
[Hostile waters]

Fifth volume of the PLAN thriller series. Pirates attack a Danish container ship off the coast of Somalia, and the owner of the shipping company requests the assistance of Morten and his secret task force.

Co-author, as Henrik Desmond with Lars Vestergaard.
Danish: Desmond Entertainment 2011



Fourth volume of the PLAN B thriller series. A cleaning lady is found murdered in the office of a Danish politician, and Morten must solve the case that of course is more complicated than it seems.

Co-author, as Henrik Desmond with Lars Vestergaard.
Danish: Desmond Entertainment 2010


Duer og høge. Amerikanske præsidenter fra Washington til vor tid
[Doves and Hawks: American President from Washington to Our Time]

Biographies of all American presidents with thematic essays on leadership in the White House and an introduction on the institutions of US government and the origins and history of the presidency.

Co-edited with Susanne Willers.
Danish: People’sPress 2008

Hvad nu hvis..? 40 alternative verdenshistorier
[What if..? 40 alternate world histories]

Collection of counterfactual short stories on World History including the outbreak of the First World War, the occupation of Denmark and 9/11.

Main author and editor.
Danish: Dingbat 2008

Normale katastrofer
[Normal accidents]

Text book on the 1977 Tenerife aviation disaster involving two Jumbo Jets. The fatal collision on the runway is analyzed using Charles Perrow’s Normal Accident Theory.

Danish: Erhvervsskolernes Forlag 2008

Små og store ulykker
[Minor and major accidents]

A collage of texts and photos on Danish accidents and disasters from 1872 to the present. Part of the Danskernes Egen Historie-series.

Main author and editor.
Danish: Lindhardt og Ringhof 2008

Katastrofer verden aldrig glemmer
[Disasters we’ll never forget]

Dramatic tales of disasters of the 20th century including the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, the sinking of the Estonia, and the Eschede train tragedy in Germany.

Main author and editor.
Danish: Det Historiske Hus 2008

Den brændende platform
[The Burning Platform]

The third volume of the PLAN B thriller series. Morten and the secret task force must go offshore to combat Russian interests in the Danish oilfields in the North Sea.

Co-author, as Henrik Desmond with Lars Vestergaard.
Danish: Politikens Forlag 2008
2nd edition: Desmond Entertainment 2009


Dødens kredsløb
[Lethal circuits]

The second volume of the PLAN B thriller series. A simple burglary at the Danish Technical University draws bloody traces to former Yugoslavia, still ravaged by the civil war of the 1990s.

Co-author, as Henrik Desmond with Lars Vestergaard.
Danish: Politikens Forlag 2007
2nd edition: Desmond Entertainment 2009

Den udvalgte 
[The Selection]

The first  volumes of the PLAN B thriller series written with journalist Lars Vestergaard. A secret Danish task force is set up by the Prime Minister outside of the law to protect Denmark against new threats from international terrorism. Morten, a young brillant guy, is unsuspectedly recruited by the organization as an analyst.

Co-author, as Henrik Desmond with Lars Vestergaard.
Danish: Politikens Forlag 2007
2nd edition: Desmond Entertainment 2009

Danmarks historie – fra gravhøj til globalisering
[A History of Denmark – from ancient graves to globalization]

A concise history of Denmark including thematic texts, timelines and illustrations.

Editor and contributor.
Danish: Samvirke Bøger 2007


1983: Den kolde krigs højdepunkt
[1983: Year of the Missile]

Creative non-fiction monography on the climax of the Second Cold War starring Yuri Andropov, Ronald Reagan, Oleg Gordievsky Framed as a thriller, inspired by Tom Clancy’s Red Storm Rising.

Danish: Aschehoug 2005
Norwegian: Humanist 2006

Dristige missioner fra 2. Verdenskrig
[Daring Missions of World War Two]

Short stories on the sinking of the Tirpitz, the Heroes of Telemark and other dramatic events. Read about fascinating characters from the German side such as Otto Skorzeny, Kurt Student and Günther Prien who left their mark on history even if Hitler lost the war.

Main author and editor.
Danish: Aschehoug 2005
Swedish: Historiska Media 2006
Norwegian: Damm 2007
Polish: Bellona 2011


Den menneskelige factor – historiens svageste led
[The Human Factor: History’s Weakest Links]

Essays on man-made disasters of the 20th century based on Charles Perrow’s Normal Accident Theory. Re-issued in an updated version in 2012 as 100 års katastrofer.

Danish: Aschehoug 2004


Anvendt historie – en bog om og til historikeren Søren Mørch
[Applied History]

A tribute to Danish historian and author Søren Mørch celebrating his 70th birthday. Contributions from leading historians.

Contributor, co-edited with Per H. Hansen.
Danish: Gyldendal 2003


Det afgørende øjeblik- historiens åbne situationer
[Butterfly Effects: Open Situations in World History]

Short stories on the “butterfly effect” in World History including the Roman defeat in the Teutoburger Wald 9 A.D., the French Revolution, the battle of Waterloo, Sarajevo 1914, the Trinity test bomb and the Autumn Equinox Event of 1983.

Main author and editor.
Danish: Aschehoug 2002
Swedish: Dialogos 2005


12 taler der formede Europa
[12 speeches that shaped Europe]

Collection of political speeches by Wilson, Hitler, Chuchill et. al.

Editor, introduction by Tøger Sidenfaden.
Danish: Aschehoug 2001

En anden historie. Ni alternative Danmarkshistorier
[Another History. Nine alternate stories about Denmark]

Counterfactual essays on pivotal moments in Danish history. Contributions from leading historians.

Editor and contributor.
Danish: Aschehoug 2001

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