Credit: Ole Joern


PhD, Disaster Research (Public Health), 2017, University of Copenhagen.

MA, History, 2003, University of Southern Denmark

Work history:

2023-: Head of Societal Security, Royal Danish Defence College.

2021-: Associate Professor, Institute for Strategy and War Studies, Royal Danish Defence College.

2017: Assistant Professor, Dep. of Military History and War Studies, Royal Danish Defence College.

2017: Research Assistant, University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Law.

2013-2016: PhD Fellow, Danish Emergency Management Agency and University of Copenhagen.

2011-2017: Book reviewer at Weekendavisen.

2010-: Rasmus Dahlberg Inc., owner. Writing, consulting and lecturing.

2010-2013: External lecturer, Master of Disaster Management, University of Copenhagen

2009-11 Ryslinge Folk High School, teacher, head of consulting and seminars

2007-12: Desmond Entertainment, partner and founder. Creative consulting and publishing.

2005-2008: Editor of monthly magazine ”Alt om Historie” (Danish, Swedish)

2000-2009: Danish House of History, partner and founder, CEO. Creative consulting.

Areas of experience:

Writing, editing, publishing, teaching, lecturing, creative coaching, complex project management, organizational motivation, business development, marketing, and PR.

Academic work:

Member of the Editorial Board of the peer-reviewed periodical “Den jyske Historiker” 2000-2008. Peer-reviewing of scientific articles on theory and methodology.

Personal life:

Father of two children. Interests: Running, reading, meditation and playing the guitar. Lives in Odense, Denmark.

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